Censuses / Assessment Rolls

  • Census

Publication Date: 1851

The Return of Population for the year 1851 contains beneficial demographic statistics. There is data for households, villages and estates. The name of person within a household listed then further information is presented on the countries of origin of each of the inhabitants in the residence, their ages, sex, marital status, religion, whether they were proficient in reading or writing and their profession or trade. Data is supplied for all counties and wards throughout the island of Trinidad. This census is unique since it is the only one that lists names of persons within the population. Subsequent censuses are statistical in nature and does not include names.

  • Assessment Rolls

Publication Dates: 1851-1977

This type of record includes the names of rate payers, the name of proprietors or occupiers, the name of plantation or houses, local situation and boundaries, number of acres of land in houses, tobacco, coconut, pasture, provisions, uncultivated and the total number of acres of land in the property. This source allows for a person conducting research on family history to acquire information on the residence of persons.

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