Indian Indentureship Records

Publication Dates: 1845-1917

There are various types of records within the East Indian Indentureship Records collection for the years 1845 to 1917 which are immensely valuable while conducting family histories.  Depending on how much information one knows of their family’s lineage or history either one of these records can be used. They include:

  1. Emigration Certificates

These are available for a number of ships which came to Trinidad throughout the system of indentureship. Information is categorized by the ship on which the immigrant arrived. It includes the date on which the Surgeon- Superintendent examined and passed the immigrant as a fit subject for emigration, the Depot number, the immigrant’s name, caste, father’s name, sex, age, district, administrative unit, village, occupation, next of kin, marital status, height and if there were any marks on the immigrant.

  1. Estate Registers

Estate Registers include the names of the immigrants located on a particular estate. Their fathers name, the ship on which they arrived, sex, date of indenture, the amount paid to the immigrant as well as if they returned to India, if they died, was murdered or received bounty and to which estate.

  1. General Registers

General Registers contain the names of the immigrants which came on each ship to Trinidad. Information is also included about the immigrant’s father’s name, sex, age, the estate to which assigned as well as if they returned to India and on what date.

  1. Remittance to India Registers

This type of record contains the names of the Indentured Indians who came to Trinidad and was remitted after completing their contract. The register consists of the date of remittance, the person who paid the remittance together with their personal information such as their name, relationship to indentured immigrant, age occupation and the address of the person. Also listed was the amount of money paid to be remitted, the name of the remitter, the General Register number, their age, occupation and address.

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