Nikita Budree first  came to NATT in early 2014 as an intern under the History Department, UWI’s Internship Programme. She currently works as an  Archives Research Assistant in the Research and Outreach Department. Her portfolio at present entails the  care of the large photographic collection held by the NATT which includes postcards, photographs and negatives. She also assists with research enquiries. Nikita holds a BA in History and is completing her MA degree. When not at her work station she can be found engrossed in a book or viewing old movies and contemporary televisions shows. Her specialties are all aspects of Trinidad Carnival from inception to present and the Pan-Africanist Movement in the Caribbean.

Janelle Duke holds a BA and MA in History from the UWI and a Certificate in Records Management from the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT). She is currently pursuing an MPhil in History. She joined the NATT in 2012 as an ARA and currently works as a Research Clerk. At present her projects entail the  care for NATT’s  Book Collection which includes a wide assortment of Reference, Professional and Rare books. She also responds to online research enquiries. She loves to research the older records and therefore she can always be found searching for her family’s genealogy on her spare time. Her specialties include Nineteenth Century Trinidad and Church History.

Kimberley Hunte joined the Archives in 2014 as intern under the History Department, UWI’s Internship Programme.She completed her undergraduate degree in History in 2013. As an ARA, her  purview is also the photographic collection but her main focus is the creation of administrative histories as well as detailed descriptions for each record. In her free moments, she is often rapt in a good book or singing and dancing to different genres of music. Her specialties are education and military history.