Journals deal with particular subjects. They are a good source of information and published either weekly, monthly or quarterly. In Trinidad there are journals that deal with different ethnic and religious groups such as the East Indians, Hindus, Baptists, Moravians and Presbyterians which can be valuable in finding information relevant for family histories.

  1. The East Indian Herald

Publication Dates 1921-1922

This journal contains information on education, local news, clubs, societies and general news. In the Education section there is information on elementary schools, their activities, and teachers’ names. The General News section contains writings on cricket, lawyers, bible classes, agriculture which includes the names of persons involved in these areas and the locations throughout Trinidad.

The Clubs and Societies section the members of committees or clubs are revealed together with their activities. There are announcements of births in the Indian community, listing the parents’ names as well as the date of birth. Weddings are also recorded giving details on the names of the couples, where they got married and sometimes even going into details about the parents of the bride of the groom in order to give a brief history of the couple. Obituaries too are a part of this journal listing the name of the deceased, last address, his/her family members and where the funeral took place. Baptisms is another valuable section as the parents’ names were listed, where they lived, the church in which they were baptized and the Reverend who performed the baptism. Advertisements also contained information on the addresses of businesses together with the names of managers, directors and persons associated with a particular business.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago

  1. The East Indian Patriot

Publication Dates: 1923-1925

This journal is a monthly publication. It contains advertisements with the names of businesses, locations, names of managers, directors, and agents. There is a section on local news by the different areas in Trinidad involving writings on Indians in education, law, the legislative council and the government to name a few which give details of the persons involved. Deaths are announced with the names of the deceased, the area they lived as well as family information.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago

  1. The East Indian Advocate

Publication Dates: 1934

In this journal there is a section entitled, “The Who’s Who in the East Indian Community” which gives in depth details, both personal and public, about prominent persons in society. Advertisements can also be used to gather information since the names of mangers and there addresses are indicated. General news in society are also written of such as events at schools, visits to the country, promotions, and transfers in public office including their names and locations. There is an obituary section which gives details of the deceased.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. The Hindu Times

Publication Date: 1966

This journal contains material on the various Hindu societies located around Trinidad who were led by several Pandits. Announcements of Pujas honouring persons within the Hindu community, their names, the date of the function and the locations are given. The names of persons writing Hindu exams were also stated together with the area which they lived.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago

  1. The Indian

Publications Dates: 1940-1953

The Indian journal comprises details on societies with specific information on the president of the society and its members. Qualifications of these members are also included. Advertisements in the journal has the name of the business, the address, and the names of the manager, director or agents. Sporting events are promoted with the names of the promoters given. When persons attained higher education from abroad it was praised by being published in the journal, giving details of the person’s name, address, what profession they were in, and where they went to study. Obituaries provide information on when persons died, their names, profession, the date they died and where they resided.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Monthly magazine for the Parishes of Holy Trinity, All Saints and St. Margaret

Publication Dates: 1897-1898

This journal presents its writings in sections based on the three parishes of its title. There are lists of Baptisms identifying the child’s first name and both of the parents first and last name. Marriage lists are also offered with the full names of the man and the woman. In addition burials in the parishes were published giving the names and age of the deceased.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. The Monthly Messenger of the Baptist

Publication Dates: 1901

Names of pastors for each parish are listed for the particular time period. In this journal news of churches in different areas of Trinidad are highlighted, for example thanksgiving services or baptismal services are advertised or reported about including names of persons giving discourses and the church at which it would be held. Advertisements also highlight the names of businesses, their location and some has the names of managers or directors.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. The Moravian Church News

Publication Dates: 1912-1951

This journal contains news for the West Indian colonies in which the Moravian Church was established. There is a particular section dedicated to Trinidad. There are the names of Ministers for the churches in Trinidad. Baptisms are announced who took part in the ritual and at which church it was done. Deaths of persons are listed, with their name, their spouse and the date on which they died.

Location: National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. The Trinidad Presbyterian

Publication Dates: 1908-1965

These journals contain details of clubs within the Presbyterian community. There are names of the members as well as dates that meeting were held. Reports on church examinations, publishing the names of persons who wrote the exam as well as the area they were from. Advertisements also contain information on the names of businesses, the locations and agents or managers.

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