African Enslavement Records

  1. African Slave Registers

Publication Dates: 1813-1838

These contain the names of slaves, their age, the name of the owner of the slave, the date on which the slave was registered and who did the registration. Some of these African Slave Registers listed the names of slaves with both first name and last name together with their families of slaves at estates, their colour, employment, age, stature, country of origin and if any relatives. However, at the National Archives the majority of these are Tobago Slave Registers. The Trinidad Slave Registers are available in one large book and on microfilm.


  1. Slave Claims

Publication Dates: 1834-1835

Slave Claims provide some information on the enslaved persons. These records contained the name of the estate, where in Trinidad the estate was located, the name of the enslaved their owner, and date on which the slave was claimed by their owner.

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