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Acquires public and private records of enduring value regardless of format. Cares for and preserve records acquired according to international archival standards. Provides guidance and technical advice on the management of public records. Provides secondary storage facilities to Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments for semi-active records. Provides access to information from our holdings through our Reference Facility. Provides advice on the preservation of records, including disaster recovery.

It’s your story – Don’t lose it: Commemorating World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

  Since the development of recorded sound, moving images and broadcasting towards the end of the 19th century, audiovisual recordings have become a powerful media and archive for telling stories of our past in the 20th and 21st centuries. Through … Continue reading

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Colonial Planter: Christopher Irvine Part 1

Today’s blog post was written by Dr. Jesma McFarlane. Dr. McFarlane is a genealogical researcher. She was formally a zoologist who completed her post graduate work at Howard University, Washington D.C.,U.S.A. Her scientific background is an integral part of the foundation … Continue reading

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