Freedom of Information Act

Secrecy Cartoon

Secrecy Cartoon

It is very important for us all to understand the Freedom of Information Act of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. The Freedom of Information Act of 1999 (FOIA) was assented to on November 4, 1999. It came into effect on February 20, 2001.
  2. The Act is designed in support of the following tenets of governance:
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Equality of Access
  • Empowerment and Increased Participation

to help you understand access the  freedom of Information User’s Guide.


also download the FOIA 1999 here, or come into the National Archives for other relevant documents


FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AROUND THE WORLD 2006: A Global Survey of Access to Government Information Laws

FOI is important for all democratic societies, Trinidad and Tobago is not alone in the implementation of FOI legislation and bodies.

The United States

The European Union

as well as over eighty-five other States have FOI laws in place…Check it out,

Overview of all FOIA Countries 2008

 If you have read these documents and understand them you would realise the pivotal role National Archives and Records Management play in securing democracy and freedom of information.


Tampa Bay Skeptics

Smoking Gun by By Jacob Weisberg

US Department of State

About national archives

Acquires public and private records of enduring value regardless of format. Cares for and preserve records acquired according to international archival standards. Provides guidance and technical advice on the management of public records. Provides secondary storage facilities to Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments for semi-active records. Provides access to information from our holdings through our Reference Facility. Provides advice on the preservation of records, including disaster recovery.
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  1. Hypocritical Police and Conservatives want more policing over the Canadian citizens, the same persons who wrongfully firstly do not want to give us a detailed list, copy of all of their own expense accounts and do note that too. Let the police rightfully start with the rightful better policing of themselves and next deal first with our too often stealing, crooked, lying politicians, civil and public servants who also do steal and now first also go after all the alcoholics who abuse their spouses, drive impaired … the cops included.. deal first with all of of the persons who abuse any seniors.. and we now do need more cops rather in the hospitals arresting also all of the bad Health Ministers, bad doctors and bad nurses who fail to provide adequate medical aid to seniors, others etc

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