Celebrating 50 years of Independence in Trinidad and Tobago

The National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago (NATT) as any other archival institution understands the need to fully embrace and explore the core function of outreach and public education. The Jubilee year presents a special opportunity for the archives to inform the national community of the rich and vibrant history behind the nation through the rich store of record it holds.

As such the National Archives will host a year of events and activities commemorating Trinidad and Tobago Golden Jubilee. The National Archives has also partnered with the Department of History, University of the West Indies St. Augustine in hosting a number of events. The activities are geared towards a wide cross-section of the citizenry. The series of activities and events is entitled “Fifty Years Come and Gone, How Yuh Feel”, inspired by a local calypso by Lord Funny. The activities encompass a series of panel discussions and exhibitions, it is hoped that these activities will ask participants to evaluate and consider the pre and post independence journeys as well as the ways in which they have partake in the process.

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